Biggest Peace Banner The World Has Ever Seen

Thousands of Kiwi kids have made this happen !

The Peace Banner is a fabulous project initiated by at Kaiapoi Borough School in Canterbury. It is big, it is bold, it is beautiful – and thousands and thousands of Kiwi kids in hundreds of schools have made it happen…one huge, long banner…covered in peace messages letting the world know how much kids want peace and a shared, beautiful, safer world.

The Kaiapoi Peace Pals want every young person in New Zealand to add to the banner (over 5000 kids have added their say and it is now hundreds and hundreds of metres long).  Get onto it ! – it makes a great school project, and we always want to receive more banners !



Each banner is one-metre-square environmentally safe unbleached calico, covered in art and peace messages, with a border of hand-prints around the edge, where everyone who works on it signs their first name, age and school. It is a living record of how much the kids want a better world.

In 2016 it tours New Zealand  – The Peace Pals at Weymouth Intermediate School have challenged Auckland’s Mayor Len Brown to set up a “Mayoral Challenge” where every mayor in the country gets all the local schools to join in and add to the banner as it passes through each community.

spreads for book


Next step: we send it world-wide.
When the Peace Banner is long enough to make the world take notice it will be sent to the United Nations in New York with the invitation for every kid in every country to get on board and add their demand for a better world for everyone.Get your name on it – get your teacher and your school onto it !!!