Why us? Why this? Why now?

One People One Planet and Voice of the Children are unique in that they are child-driven and child-focused. We have no ideological agenda: but exist merely to empower our youngest citizens create the keystones of their vision of a better world, and to forge the alliances that they will take into their adult futures.
Our Platform:
The Voice of the Children platform is an idea whose time has come through the increasing reach and availability of instant, global communications. Modern technology makes it possible for the children to learn about each other, and to work together for the world they want. They can reach past politics, the media, adults, hatefulness and artificial differences to create a global community of peace, connecting with children of all races, religions, and identities to build friendships, share ideas and grow the concept of global community.
As the future leaders of the world, their voices and views are integral to the debate – and yet they have had no voice, no platform. They comprise 29-31% (dependent upon age definitions) of the world’s population – and yet they are not included in the global debate. It is time to change this.
As current stewards and guardians of our world, adults are abrogating our responsibilities if we allow our past to define our children’s future.  It is time to find a new way forward.
Children are our future and they deserve to inherit a world worth having.
We are dedicated to supporting the children of the world to forge a new way forwards into a finer, fairer and more sustainable future.

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Change Agents of Peace:
The results of our work and of our research show that that almost without exception, the world our youngest citizens want is one in which peace exists between people at all levels and; between people and their environment.
Melinda Webber’s research demonstrates conclusively that, given the opportunity, children will work for and aspire to a peaceful environment: their natural inclination is towards ‘care of each other and care of the planet’

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