A Brief History

Children want a world where war or mutual hostility
is no longer an acceptable condition.


One People One Planet is a unique, New Zealand registered charitable trust (Certificate of Incorporation No.1654222), devoted to enabling “the children’s voice” to be heard. We do this on a global platform by empowering and facilitating children around the world to aspire together – to share their visions and their dreams – to work towards the world they want to inherit.

One People One Planet is non-religious and a-political.  We are not aligned to any faith, belief or political system.

Our purpose is to work towards supporting children everywhere to work for a peaceful and sustainable world; one in which all people are equal, safe and free: a world in which peace and environmental care-and-concern are strongly held stanchions of humankind.

We work towards establishing ‘the family of Humankind’


To support children working for the peaceful world they want to inhabit. To provide the platform from which the children’s voice can be heard. To provide the tools and support by which their words are translated into effective action The Power of One…


One People One Planet and The Voice of the Children enjoy the blessing and support of such luminaries as His Holiness the Dalai Lama and is associated with the world wide Mayors For Peace movement and other peace groups, plus teachers (TAG – Teachers Advisory Group) and other educators and academics. It does not accept the endorsement of any individual or organisation.

It is a concept whose time has come. All movements start with a vision and a vision starts with a single person who spreads the vision to others. The United Nations occurred because President Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill shared their vision of a world whose peace and justice was in the hands of all the world’s nations and not just the great powers. Band Aid occurred because Sir Bob Geldof had a vision and shared it with the world. The list is endless and undeniable. One People One Planet and its accredited implementation partner The Voice of the Children is born of this tradition.