Our Story

The One People One Planet vision started with one inspirational woman – Vivienne Wright – and has already established a presence throughout New Zealand and overseas. If it is to now grow and “proliferate peace”,  it needs your help, because: IF NOT  YOU – THEN WHO?

emotion – passion – is wonderful for getting things started and driving them along (especially during the bad times) but sooner or later you have to be able to prove your point – whether that is by the results of your work or the results of your research.

From the start One People One Planet has looked extensively for validation of its principles and practices. To this end we have collected other people’s research: have a recognised leading educationalist on our Board of Trustees, used teachers to develop various aspects of our programmes: formed a Teachers Advisory group (TAG Team) of leading educators to maintain quality assurance and quality control over our programmes, sought the support and validation of other leading educators and the New Zealand Ministry of Education, and developed partnerships with professionals such as Professor Judy Parr, Professor Claire McLachlan, Assoc. Professor Mandia Mentis and  Dr Fiona Piennar, University of Auckland and Massey University, who study the psychology, oversee our best practice principles and academically extend what we do.