Our work will be meaningless unless it proves its worth to an independent and professional jury of experts in their field. Even the feasibility of children having their own views that are worth adults’ time to listen to and act upon, would be in doubt without this Ph.D level-backing.

Accordingly, we have gone and will always continue to go, to great lengths to place our work before independent experts and seek their verification of proposed ideas, studies, activities and methods and; to evaluate and validate the outcomes.

In New Zealand, the “One Peeps” schools’ programme was designed by teachers and clinically proven (in the classroom) of a number of schools (now Peace Pals schools). In other words, it works in practice. It is also academically validated by a wide range of leading educators. It meets all Ministry of Education pre-requisites in that it enables children to fulfil their curriculum requirements and contributes to achieving required levels in the core competencies.

Likewise our other work is the subject of constant study and evaluation by Ph.D level psychologists and educators – notably but not exclusively, in New Zealand, at Auckland University.

Associate Professor, PhD, BSc(Hons), MA, DipTch;
Associate Dean of Research, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland.
“As young People develop they are increasingly drawn to their peers. They are similarly drawn to technology. Using technology as a means to fostering links to often diverse peers has to be in a win-win situation in terms of promoting greater understanding.”

BA ( Hons) BFA, DipTch.
Undergraduate Coordinator, Foundation Program Leader, Sustainability and Community Engagement Coordinator, Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design.

“Our partnership with One People One Planet is one of symbiosis.

Our Arts and Design students get to apply their creativity and develop project management expertise in actual projects. It is experiential learning at its best. Deep connections are forged within this collaborative environment.  It is very much a two way street.

As future creatives and leaders the impact of this type of wide ranging engagement across age, culture and religious orientation is immense and reverberates through our students thinking and artistic practices.

Hearts and minds are touched by the experiences.

Apple Distinguished Educator and Principal
“I am hugely excited at the possibilities that association with One People One Planet delivers into the hands of children everywhere – it is a valid and innovative educative opportunity with great potential.”

Project Director, Ass. Principal Summerland School
“Children are not so blinkered by differences that may exist, such as race and religion. As the One People One Planet network continues to grow and evolve I can see it becoming more and more valuable, both in schools for the children, and for the world at large.”

Principal Baccalaureate School
“We are educating our children for a future that we cannot know. However we might predict that the future will be global and technological. What amazing challenges this poses to educators.”


International Academic Consultant/Advisor

Medical Anthropologist, Department of Human Behavior, President of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness.

“In my role as an educator and academic I am critically mindful of the importance and validity of cross-cultural, multi-national awareness and collaboration for our students and young people.  It can be said with the ongoing developments in technology and global communication that, more and more, we live in a Global Village. Ideally, students would be exposed to global and cross-cultural ideas and values long before they arrive at college.  As an anthropologist, I understand the acute need for exactly the kind of work One People One Planet is doing, planning and promoting.  I firmly believe that if children are supported and encouraged to work together towards a more universal understanding and commitment to justice and egalitarian values, the future will serve humankind in finer terms than current circumstances.”