Kids Stuff

Our youngest citizens need the means to work on peace activities so that they can develop their thoughts and beliefs into the life philosophies by which they will live as tomorrows’s adults. We support them in many ways including…

School Programmes in which children sow the agenda and nominate the studies, activities and projects they wish to work on. This is self-initiated and comes from what the kids want to do, not what their teachers want them to do. These are teacher approved programmes.

Kids Conferences: Children are invited to attend conferences in which they discuss what they want in their schools, their communities, their country and the world.

Children’s initiated projects: An example is The Biggest Peace Banner The World Has Ever Seen. Children at Kaiapoi School designated themselves as Peace Pals and created this ambitious potentially global project. Children everywhere are invited to create panels. The project leaders’ longterm plans include presenting the banner at the UN with an invitation for all children, everywhere, to contribute panels. They also plan for the banner to tour New Zealand on its way back to its home base, in Canterbury.

Children’s participation in Peace initiatives: Peace Pals were invited to address Auckland Council as part of its process towards declaring itself a Peace City. Peace Pals assisted with the highly successful Earth From Above Exhibition. Peace Pals routinely speak at conferences ( like the World Without War peace conference at Auckland University ) : Hiroshima Day commemorations : and local schools.

Research: We support all our work through research or proof in the field.The School Programmes, participation the Peace Banner and in Kids Conferences are all teacher supervised and evaluated. Other work is prefaced by research by PH.Ds or Ph.D students or the process is established by academics and/or the outcomes are evaluated by them. An on-going piece of research is The Voice and Views of Young New Zealand