The kids conferences

Hundreds of kids get together regularly to work out ways to make the world a better safer place for all, in an environment created to support them and have their voices heard and noted. It’s dynamic, it’s fun and it’s valuable: listening and encouraging hundreds of  9 – 14 year old girls and boys as the come together to share, to learn, to work out how they want to see the world become a better place in a vibrant supportive atmosphere where their voices do get heard.

With keynote speakers, and a series of break-out workshops, the Conference Kids get the time to listen, to think, to ask questions…to work together and to plan new projects towards a new way forward…to work out what they can do, each and every one of them, to make a difference in the world.

Kids Conferences are extraordinary and inspiring events, where the concept of facilitating our youngest citizens to “have their say” and feel their strength, really comes of age, supported by messages from such international child advocates as Craig Keilberger, David Suzuki and Dr. Tadashi Akiba (former Mayor of Hiroshima and President of the world-wide Mayors for Peace).

The agenda is focused on the children who then go back to their schools and recruit their peers and their teachers to engage as Peace Pals working towards a better world, with a dedicated peer group and a new set of skills, and access to more and further materials.